Crown Holdings

Leading maker of food and beverage cans.

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One Crown Way
Philadelphia, PA 19154
Employees: 21,260
CEO: John Conway
Stock Symbol: CCK


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Crown Holdings is a leading maker of food and packaging products, including soda cans, food cans, aerosol cans, bottle tops and lipstick cases. The company makes one out of every five beverage cans used in the world and one out of three food cans used in North America and Europe.

The company has 139 plants operating in 41 countries.

In 2009, Crown Holdings reported revenues of $7.93 billion, down from $8.3 billion, and net income of $334 million.

John Conway, CEO of Crown Holdings, said "Mr. Conway stated, "We expect 2010 to be another solid year of improving performance for our Company. Demand in our mature packaging markets of North America and Western Europe is expected to recover from 2009 levels and operating improvements and cost reductions are anticipated to continue throughout 2010. We expect our emerging markets businesses in China, Southeast Asia, Brazil, Eastern Europe and the Middle East will continue to grow. Additionally, the numerous capacity expansions we have undertaken are completed or well underway, and are expected to contribute to production and sales in 2010."


The company was started in 1892 when William Painter invented the "crown cork" used to seal soda and beer bottles. He would soon start the Crown, Cork and Seal company in Baltimore. The company would move its headquarters to Philadelphia in 1958.

The company would grow as the market for soft drink cans and aerosol cans would increase dramatically around the world.

In 2002, Crown completes the sale of 89.5% of its shares in Constar through its Initial Public Offering by Constar.

In 2003, Crown completes a $3.2 billion refinancing plan and forms Crown Holdings, Inc. as a new public holding company.


Extensive Health Care Coverage
Crown provides comprehensive coverage that promotes good health and provides financial protection for you if you and your dependents become ill or injured. Crown pays 100% of the cost for your coverage. You contribute toward the cost only if you cover your dependents. The package includes: Medical, Dental, Vision, Prescription Drugs 
Income Protection Benefits
Crown's income protection benefits can provide you or your survivors with valuable income replacement in the event of your disability or death.
Salary Continuation Plan
If you become sick or disabled and are unable to work, this plan replaces 100% of your base salary, based on your length of full-time service with Crown. Payment durations range from one week to three months.
Accident & Health Plan
After you have two years of service with Crown, you automatically receive additional disability coverage under the Accident and Health Plan. If you become disabled and have exhausted your Salary Continuation benefits, payments will continue under the Accident and Health Plan. The amount and duration of payment depends on your length of service. 
Long-Term Disability (LTD) Plan
After one year of service, you may choose to purchase additional disability insurance through the company-sponsored LTD Plan that provides an income equal to 50% or 60% (depending on your age, income and length of service) of your monthly pay up to a maximum monthly benefit of $12,000.
Life Insurance
Crown provides both basic life insurance and accidental death and dismemberment (AD&D) benefits equal to your annual base salary at no cost to you. You may also purchase additional life insurance coverage for yourself and your spouse and children.
Accidental Death & Dismemberment Insurance (AD&D)
Crown pays the full cost of coverage equal to your annual base salary. AD&D is paid in addition to basic and contributory life insurance benefits.
Business Travel Accident Insurance
Crown provides you with added protection if you should die or incur a serious injury while traveling on company business. The company pays the full cost of this plan.
Retirement Program
Your retirement may be years away, but it's never too early to start your retirement planning. Crown provides three plans to help supplement your retirement income.
Basic Pension Plan
The Crown Basic Pension Plan is a competitive pension plan fully paid for by Crown - you don't have to contribute any money to the plan. You are eligible to participate in the Pension Plan once you reach age 21 and complete one full year of service. The plan will provide you with a benefit for life if you have at least five years of plan participation when you retire.
Savings Plan
Our matched 401(k) retirement Savings Plan allows you to save for the future on a tax-deferred basis. You are eligible to participate after 30 days of employment.
Employee Stock Purchase Plan
Crown employees can invest in the company's success through the Employee Stock Purchase Plan. After you have completed one year of service, you are eligible to purchase company stock at a discounted rate through payroll deduction.
Paid Time-off Programs

Crown offers a vacation program based on your length of service. The longer your career is with Crown, the greater your vacation benefit becomes.
Crown recognizes most publicly observed holidays. The holiday schedule is determined by senior management and announced each December for the following year.
Tuition Assistance
This program provides you with the financial assistance to further your education and enhance your career development. The tuition assistance program reimburses you for registration, lab fees, tuition and books for job-related courses. Crown also supports your growth and development through internal training and professional development opportunities.
Flexible Spending Accounts
Crown offers two Flexible Spending Accounts, the Health Care Reimbursement Account and Dependent Care Reimbursement Account, that let you pay for certain health care and dependent care expenses with before-tax dollars, providing you with tax advantages. These are voluntary benefits.

Updated February 1, 2010