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  • Malone, NY, United States
May 24, 2022
Delta Companies Greenport, NY, United States
COMPENSATION AND BENEFITS Pediatric Anesthesiology (PED ANES) Base Salary: 75th % AAMC Compensation Loan Repayment: 10-year FFLA loan forgiveness eligibility PTO: 21 Vacation Days, 13 holidays + separate sick days CME: Assist Prof $4K, Assoc. Prof $4.5K and Prof $5K, all are provided - 3 meeting days per year Benefits : Medical/Dental & Vision/Life Insurance/Flex spending Retirement: 3-year cliff vesting period, with automatic vesting on death or disability, 12% per annum retirement contribution on your UFPC salary (up to the current IRS allowable salary maximum of ($305K) 403 B options up to max allowed by IRS / NY State Salary 11% (first 3 years 8%) State Employer contribution in addition to UFPC contribution 457 Plan up to max allowed by IRS. RESPONSIBILITIES AND FACILITY DETAILS Pediatric Anesthesiology (PED ANES) Patient Volume : 3-4 Anesthesiology Cases per day. General Anesthesia Case, with 50-60% Pediatric Anesthesia Schedule:...