L.J. Gonzer Associates

  • New York, NY, United States
May 25, 2022
Full time
L.J. Gonzer Associates Yorktown Heights, NY, United States
The job involves the use of in-FAB tooling and equipment to help fabricate advanced semiconductor devices on 200mm silicon wafers in the FAB. The work is conducted in a cleanroom environment and a basic knowledge of the principles behind semiconductor processing, chemistry and physics is required. In addition, strong computer and analytical skills are necessary and experience in semiconductor processing is a plus. The candidate is expected to work closely with engineers and the research teams to accomplish the tasks assigned to him/her. The work is centered around IBM’s most advanced R&D efforts at its premier research and development site. Good communication skills and the ability to handle fast-paced, complex work is essential. The position is for a reactive ion (RIE) technician/engineer. Candidate should have familiarity with the basic knowledge of RIE fundamentals, tool operation and basic plasma chemistry knowledge. Job Requirements: Process wafer...