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White Castle

Fast food chain in 13 states.

555 West Goodale St.
Columbus, OH 43215
Employees: 10,000+
CEO: E.W. (Bill) Ingram
Privately held

Website: http://www.whitecastle.com

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White Castle is a family-owned business in Columbus, OH that owns and operates over 400 restaurants in 12 states.

The chain sells mini hamburgers known as Sliders that are made of 100% beef and steam grilled on a bed of onions. Silders with cheese are also available.

Combo meals are known as Sacks and large orders of 30 sliders are placed in Crave Cases.

White Castle burgers have five holes because they help the patties cook faster and more evenly while eliminating the need to turn them over.

Other sandwiches White Castle offers include chicken, fish, pulled pork, jalapeno cheesburgers and bacon cheeseburgers. Side items include french fries, onion rings, clam strips, fish nibblers, mozzarella sticks and chicken rings. Restaurants also serve breakfast which include sausage or bacon, egg and cheese sandwiches.

The company began offering grilled chicken sliders in 2013.

Restaurants are all company-owned and franchises are not offered.

White Castle opened its first location in Las Vegas in January 2015 at the Casino Royale Hotel. This is the chain's first restaurant in the Western United States.


White Castle was founded in 1921 in Wichita, KS by Billy Ingram and partner Walter Anderson. The name was chosen carefully with “White” signifying purity, and “Castle” signifying strength, stability and permanence. The pair started with $700 to open the first White Castle and a $3.75 profit was made at the end of the first day of business.

Burgers were priced at 5 cents in 1921 and the price was increased and reduced over the next several years. In December 1950, the price of burgers went from 10 cents to 12.

Anderson was credited with inventing the hamburger bun and creating an assembly line method of cooking burgers.

Anderson sells his interest in the company to Ingram in 1933. The company's home office moves to Columbus, OH in 1934.

The first restaurants were opened in New York and New Jersey in 1930.

In 1993, White Castle burgers were introduced in vending machines. They are also on sale in frozen food sections in major supermarkets in 1987.

White Castle launched the Cravers Hall of Fame in 2001 to honor their most die-hard fans. More than 6,629 people have applied for inclusion, but only 67 lucky Cravers have been instated into this prestigious club.

In 2004, the comedy film "Harold and Kumar go to White Castle" debuts where two actors try to find their way to a White Castle restaurant to satisfy their cravings for burgers.


White Castle offers some of the best benefits in the industry including paid holidays and vacations, profit sharing and health insurance.

Updated April 20, 2015