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Headquarters: 33663 Weyerhaeuser Way South
Federal Way, WA 98003
Employees: 12,800
CEO: Doyle Simons
Stock Symbol: WY

Website: http://www.weyerhaeuser.com

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Weyerhaeuser, one of the world's largest private owners of timberlands, began operations in 1900. The company owns or controls nearly 7 million acres of timberlands, primarily in the U.S., and manages another 14 million acres under long-term licenses in Canada.

Weyerhaeuser is one of the largest manufacturers of wood and cellulose fibers products, and is also a developer of real estate, primarily as a builder of single-family homes.

In 2014, the company reported net sales of $7.4 billion, up from $7.25 billion, and net earnings of $1.78 billion.

Built in 1971, the company's Corporate Headquarters building was made to blend with its surroundings and enhance the Northwest character of the 500-acre site and has received awards for architectural design, environmental design, interior space planning, and energy conservation.


Founded in 1900 by German-born Frederick Weyerhaeuser, who bought 900,000 acres of forest in Washington with 15 other partners. The company capitalized on the growing demand for wood products as the nation experienced rapid industrial growth in the 20th century. Lumber was shipped from Washington State to the East Coast via steamship and through the newly constructed Panama Canal.

The company was originally known as Weyerhaeuser Timber Company until the name was changed to just Weyerhaeuser in 1959.

Weyerhaeuser also demonstrated vision through management of its forests. It developed the first tree farm in 1941 and set an example for the rest of the industry.


Weyerhaeuser offers health and dental coverage along with a flexible spending account for medical, dental or vision expenses.

A 401(k) plan is offered that matches 50 cents to the dollar contributed up to 6% of eligible pay. Company contributions are fully vested in six years.

The company offers a pension plan with full vesting after five years of service.

Flexible work arrangements and job sharing are offered depending upon the position. Part-timers who work 25 hours a week can receive full benefits.

Full-time employees are eligible to receive vacation time based on years of service below.

 Service Paid Vacation Days
 6 months 1 week
1 year 2 weeks
5 years 3 weeks
12 years 4 weeks
18 years 5 weeks

Updated February 10, 2015