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Online social network.

1355 Market Street, Suite 900
San Francisco, CA 94103
Employees: 3,900
CEO: Jack Dorsey
Stock Symbol: TWTR

Website: http://www.twitter.com

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Twitter is a pioneering online social network that lets users communicate by sending out messages or "tweets" in 140 characters or less. Users must register to post messages or photos and can follow other users to see their updated messages.

Twitter users can follow others through their online handle using the @ symbol while also sending out or searching keywords using #.

The popularity of Twitter extends to celebrities and the media where fans can follow their idols in real time. Many TV shows, events and live sports events post their Twitter handles so users can interact and send messages.

Twitter says it has over 302 million active users.

In fiscal 2014, the company reported revenues of $1.4 billion more than double the $664.8 million in revenues from 2013 and net loss for 2014 of $577.8 million. Twitter went public in November 2013 but has not earned a profit yet.

The company was originally founded in 2006 by Jack Dorsey, Evan Williams, Biz Stone and Noah Glass.

The company bought Vine, which lets users post six-second video clips, in 2012.

The company says 50% of employees are engineers.

Co-founder and Chairman Jack Dorsey was named the new CEO of Twitter in October 2015.

Updated October 11, 2015