Rohm & Haas

Specialty materials company.

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Headquarters: 100 Independence Mall West
Philadelphia, PA 19106
Employees: 17,000
CEO: Raj Gupta
Stock Symbol: ROH


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Rohm & Haas is the leading producer of specialty materials including Plexiglas. The company develops coatings, sealings, chemicals and salts for products and services that can be found in the following markets:

- Building and Construction
- Electronic Devices, Computers, Hardware and Communications Equipment
- Packaging
- Household and Personal Care Products
- Automotive
- Paper
- Retail Food and Hypermarket/Supercenters
- Pharmaceutical

The company has a network of more than 100 manufacturing, technical research and customer service sites in more than 27 countries.

European headquarters are in Paris. Latin American headquarters are in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Asia-Pacific headquarters are in Taipei, Taiwan.

In 2007, Rohm & Haas reported record revenues of $8.89 billion and net income of $661 million. North American sales were $4.29 billion.


In 1907, two young German entrepreneurs, chemist Otto Röhm and businessman Otto Haas, establish a partnership in Esslingen to manufacture and sell a technologically superior leather bate, Oropon, to tanners. The Rohm and Haas Company is an almost instant success; in 1909, Haas is able to travel to the United States to establish a branch office in Philadelphia, PA.

The success of the infant Rohm and Haas Company is based three principles: 1) offer a sophisticated, technically advanced chemical product; 2) use technically trained sales representatives; and 3) work with customers to help them exploit the products to maximum advantage.

In the 1920s, Rohm and Haas expands its franchise in specialty chemicals. Additional products for tanning leather and textile chemicals, both obtained primarily by license from German chemical firms, are introduced.

The company would develop Plexiglas and introduce it in the United States in 1936. Plexiglas would be used in military aircraft and eventually in skylights, signs and room dividers.


Variable Pay provides cash bonus opportunities to most employees based on pre-determined measures of group or organizational performance, as well as company profitability. Bonus targets at Rohm and Haas are substantial and highly competitive.
Stock Options provide an opportunity to recognize an employee's outstanding performance and potential. An annual grant program provides stock options on a selective basis to key managers and senior individual contributors. Also, on a very selective basis, special stock option grants are made from time to time, to recruit, reward or retain high performers.

Health Care Benefits
Disability Benefits
Employee Stock Ownership and Savings Plan
Pension Plan
Life Insurance Coverage
Time Off From Work
· 11 Paid Holidays
· Vacation (up to six weeks/year)
· Personal Time
· Bereavement
· Jury Duty
· Personal Leaves of Absence
· Family and Medical Leave
· Supplemental Child Care Leave
· Military Leave
Other Benefits
· Flexible Spending Accounts for Health Care
  (up to $5,000/year) and for Dependent Care
  (up to $5,000/year)
· Educational Assistance
· Employee Assistance Programs
· Long Service Awards
· Volunteer Recognition
· Adoption Reimbursement (up to $2,500/year)
· Credit Unions

Updated February 9, 2008