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Pacific Ethanol

Developing ethanol fuels from corn.

5711 N. West Avenue
Fresno, CA 93711
Employees: 100
CEO: Neil Koehler
Stock Symbol: PEIX

Website: http://www.pacificethanol.net

Pacific Ethanol is developing and selling alternative fuels and their byproducts. The company's fuel business is currently focused on corn-derived ethanol, which can be used as either a fuel additive, a fuel itself, a component of hydrogen fuel cells, or as a component in livestock feed.

Established in 2003, Pacific Ethanol is constructing its first large scale ethanol production facility in Madera County, CA, and is developing four additional plants on the West Coast. Kinergy Marketing, LLC, a wholly owned subsidiary of Pacific Ethanol, is the largest West Coast based marketer of ethanol. In addition, Pacific Ethanol is working to identify and develop other renewable fuel technologies such as cellulose-based ethanol production and bio-diesel.

The company's ethanol will be produced by fermenting a corn/water mash. The ethanol is separated, distilled, dehydrated, and blended with gasoline as a denaturant. Most of the ethanol produced by PEI will be sold as a fuel additive to improve the air quality characteristics of gasoline.

Ethanol has announced plans to construct and operate five ethanol plants in the Western United States by the end of 2008 with an expected combined installed annual ethanol capacity of at least 200 million gallons.

The company announced an $84 million investment from Cascade Investment LLC, a venture firm backed by Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates.

Updated April 24, 2006

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