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Jabil Circuit

Provides electronic manufacturing services.

10560 Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. St. North
St. Petersburg, FL  33716
Employees: 142,000
CEO: Mark Mondello
Stock Symbol: JBL

Website: http://www.jabil.com

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Jabil Circult provides electronic design, manufacturing and repair services for clients around the world. Jabil is involved in the entire process from design and testing, repairs and returns, to assembly and fulfillment.

Jabil can make products for consumers and businesses including microwave ovens, CD players, digital cameras, display products, routers, switches, and automotive parts.

Companies who rely on Jabil include Cisco Systems, Apple, IBM, HP and GE. Jabil serves industries including aerospace, defense, telecommunications, computing and storage, networking and peripherals.

Jabil has over 90 design, manufacturing and repair facilities in 24 countries.

In fiscal 2014, Jabil reported revenues of $15.8 billion, down from $17.2 billion, and net income of $371.5 million.


Jabil is founded in 1966 by William Morean and James Golden in Detroit, MI.  Jabil's earliest work was the manual assembly of replacement circuit boards for Control Data. The name Jabil originated with the founders' first names, a combination of James and Bill.

In 1976, Jabil wins a large contract with General Motors by developing a customized, highly automated production process. The project is one of the first turnkey projects in the country and establishes the company as a major player in the EMS industry.

In 1982, Jabil would build a new manufacturing facility and headquarters in St. Petersburg, FL.

Jabil sold its aftermarket services business in April 2014 for $725 million to iQor Holdings, Inc.


Profit Sharing
Employees are the reason for our success. We share that success through Jabil's Profit Sharing Plan.
Stock Ownership
Qualified employees have the opportunity to own a part of what they build with the Stock Purchase Plan.
Business Traveler Assistance
Jabil provides continued support to our business travelers and international employees with an SOS program. It offers worldwide emergency assistance 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.
Educational Assistance
Jabil encourages education and provides financial support for degree-seeking employees.  Financial support consists of up to 100 percent tuition reimbursement for approved courses.

Updated May 2, 2015