Provides electricity and natural gas to customers in Missouri and Illinois.

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One Ameren Plaza, 1901 Chouteau Ave.
St. Louis, MO 63103
Employees: 9,388
CEO: Gary Rainwater
Stock Symbol: AEE


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Ameren Corporation provides energy services to approximately 2.3 million electric customers and more than 900,000 natural gas customers across nearly 64,000 square miles in Illinois and Missouri.

Ameren Corporationis the parent of AmerenCILCO, based in Peoria, IL; AmerenCIPS, based in Springfield, IL.; AmerenIP, based in Decatur, IL; and AmerenUE, based in St. Louis, MO.

AmerenCILCO provides electricity to approximately 205,000 customers in 19 counties, serving towns in east and central Illinois. Founded in 1913 through a series of mergers involving seven existing gas and electric companies, AmerenCILCO provides gas, electric and steam energy to Peoria and 26 surrounding communities.

AmerenCIPS provides electric and natural gas services in 70 counties throughout a 20,000-square-mile area. Founded in 1902, AmerenCIPS today serves nearly 370,000 retail electricity customers in 576 communities with a service territory that includes more than 7 percent of the state's population and 35 percent of its surface area - including Quincy and East St. Louis to the west and Mattoon and Marion to the east and south.

Founded in 1923, AmerenIP provides services to about 600,000 electric customers - an aggregate population of 1.4 million - in 313 incorporated municipalities across 15,000 square miles of northern, central and southern Illinois. AmerenIP provides service to nine cities with populations greater than 30,000, including Danville, Decatur, Belleville, Bloomington-Normal, Champaign-Urbana, Galesburg and Granite City.

Founded in 1902, AmerenUE-Missouri's largest electric utility - provides energy services to approximately 1.1 million customers across the eastern half of Missouri, including the greater St. Louis area. AmerenUE serves 65 Missouri counties and 500 towns. More than half (55 percent) of AmerenUE's electric customers are located in the St. Louis metropolitan area.

Ameren reported $6.8 billion in revenues in 2005 and net income of $606 million.


Ameren was created by the December 1997 merger of CIPSCO Incorporated and Union Electric Company. In 2003, Ameren grew with the acquisition of CILCORP Inc., parent of Central Illinois Light Company, now operating as AmerenCILCO, and in 2004, Ameren acquired Illinois Power Company - now operating as AmerenIP - from Dynegy Inc.


Medical Insurance
Ameren supplements a major portion of the cost for medical coverage for all full-time, regular employees and eligible dependents. Coverage begins after 30 days of continuous employment. The employee's cost for coverage is deducted from his/her paycheck on a pre-tax basis.

Dental and Vision Insurance
Dental and vision benefits are available for most full-time, regular employees and eligible dependents after completing a specified period of continuous employment. Union employee coverage varies per local contract.

Life Insurance
Ameren provides regular employees with basic life insurance coverage. There are no restrictions on who can be named as a beneficiary under these plans. Ameren also provides accidental death and dismemberment insurance.

Long-Term Disability (LTD)
Some full-time employees are eligible to participate in the LTD Plan, which provides an income to an employee in case of an extended or terminal illness.

Pension Plan
The Ameren Retirement Plan helps provide a solid foundation of retirement income for an employee. Employees are 100 percent vested in their account balances after completing five years of service with Ameren.

Savings Investment Plan
Most regular employees are eligible to participate in the Ameren Savings Investment Plan (SIP) immediately upon employment. An employee can choose from a variety of investment funds, offering varying levels of risk. An employee's elected percentage is invested into his/her account on a pre-tax basis. Employees receive a company match on contributions, which is dependent on management or local union packages.

Flexible Spending Accounts
Ameren employees can choose to participate in two separate Flexible Spending Accounts?Dependent Care and/or Health Care. When employees contribute to a Flexible Spending Account, their taxable income is reduced because payroll deductions are taken before taxes are withheld; therefore, contributions are not subject to Social Security, federal income and, in most cases, state and local taxes.

Employee Assistance Program
The Employee Assistance Program (EAP) provides confidential professional assistance to employees and members of their immediate family for any personal problems. An independent private consulting firm, which specializes in confidential assistance for employees, operates the EAP. The EAP is a pre-paid program provided at no cost to Ameren employees.

Paid Holidays and Vacations
Employees receive paid holidays, depending on location, as well as paid vacation time.

Sick Leave
Employees are provided with a sick leave allowance based on location. Sick leave allowances typically increase as an employee's length of service with Ameren increases.

Educational Assistance Program
Ameren pays up to 75 percent of an employee's tuition and some fees for approvable degree programs, up to and including the Master's degree level. In addition, courses related to an employee's work or courses that qualify the employee for a promotion are reimbursed. A reimbursement is issued upon receipt of final grades at the end of the term.

Stock Purchase Plan (DRPlus)
Ameren offers a stock purchase plan called DRPlus to all employees whether or not they are stockholders. The DRPlus Plan provides a convenient means of purchasing shares of Ameren Corporation Common Stock (ticker symbol: AEE) without the payment of any brokerage commissions or service charges. The DRPlus Plan is entirely voluntary, and the employee may begin or terminate participation at any time.

Time Off for Special Purposes
  -  Jury Duty
  -  Death in Family
  -  Military Service
  -  Personal Time Off

Other Benefits
  -  Professional Registrations (if applicable)
  -  Flexible Time Schedules (subject to operating requirements)
  -  Credit Union

Updated February 22, 2006

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